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The 'Game Theory' Difference
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What Players are Saying
> Read what John's saying...

"First, the set up of tables is good. There is room to move around and traffic flow is not impeded, thus, no one is bumping into your chair!

Next, the chairs are comfortable! :)

There are some rooms for those who need them. I'll point out that the acoustics in Game Theory are good so that sound is not too bad. Let's face it, you get that many gamers into an small area and it will be noisy but this isn't bad.

The selection of food and snacks is GREAT!

Management is friendly and accommodating. They care about the playing experience."

— John

> Read what Peony's saying...

Game Theory is an excellent venue! With gaming supplies,food, and drinks at great prices. Who could ask for more! When asked a question the staff members are always willing to spend as much time as they need to answer the question. The store has a very friendly atmosphere which makes you never want to leave!

— Peony

> Read what Sarah's saying...

Game Theory rocks. We were in one of the private rooms, so nice and quiet.

— Sarah

> Read what Buzzy's saying...

Excellent snack/drink selection, including frozen stuff to be nuked. Lots of tables and supplies!

— Buzzy

> Read what Johnathan's saying...

Bo and Rob are great hosts and have a good shop with plenty of space for gamers.

— Johnathan

> Read what Chris' saying...

This, slightly hidden, game store is a great location! The staff are friendly and knowledgeable. When running a game, they are willing to run a tab for any snack-food and drinks you purchase, to settle at the end of the night. I highly recommend this place for all Triangle gamers to visit and patron!

— Chris

> Read what an anonymous player is saying...

The venue was excellent. The location, amenities and host (and staff) were very nice and helpful. I hope we'll have more events at Game Theory!

— Anonymous player

> Read what Rick's saying...

Game Theory is a fantastic place to have a game. They have food, drink, and gaming supplies available right there along with space to play.

Things can be pretty noisy when all the tables are full, but it is well worth it.

— Rick

> Read what Gary's saying...

The store has lots of tables for gaming, it's easy access right off the street with dedicated parking. Food and drinks are provided in-house so you don't have to go anywhere for a snack.

There even appear to be private gaming rooms for groups that want to separate from the general bustle of the main area.

They also have all the gaming supplies you're likely to need, including dice, minis (painting supplies for minis and terrain) and source books. Plus, the staff is very knowledgeable and makes an effort to ensure everyone has what they need to play.

— Gary

> Read what Dan's saying...

Game Theory is an Awesome place to play a home game! Great people and a neverending flow of snacks and caffine, what more could any gamer want?

— Dan Smith




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